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“The Rainbow Fish” Fun

on November 8, 2011

For her recent birthday A received the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

I thought it would be fun to do a couple of activities surrounding this book. Here’s what A & J had fun making.








I first read the book to the children and they both loved it. We talked about the importance of sharing and being kind to others. They of course really liked the sparkly scales. We also discussed the French vocabulary for “rainbow”, “scales”, and “fish”.

Our first activity was to make sand art. I found empty plastic bottles that were fish and shell shaped at a local craft shop.

The sand we used was purchased from a dollar store (thank you Teach Preshool) and I simply colored it myself using liquid food coloring. I left the sand in the plastic storage bags for the activity.

The children were both very curious about the colored sand. We discussed the varying shades of color. Of course without fail J wanted to know how I had colored the sand. With the sand still in the plastic storage bags A & J spooned the sand out and into their funnels. This required great concentration and hand eye coordination.

I realize that there could have been a different process but it worked for us and the clean-up was a cinch, we just had to close the bags and shake out the trays.

I really took my time explaining the process and the children practiced being patient and listened to directions. We modeled the first colors together. They soon knew what they needed to do. Instead of having a free for all with the sand because it was the first time we did this type of activity, they were guided through the process.

The end result were beautiful and unique rainbow fish that they now have on display in their bedrooms.

Our second activity was a fish collage. There could never be enough glueing for these 2 preschoolers. :-)

I traced the shape of a fish onto black card stock. I then gave them some small pieces of paper (next time they will do the cutting), some sequins (to replicate the shinny fish scales), and glue. :-)

The end result were sparkling fish.









Another fun day nurturing young minds.


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  1. Diana Burress says:

    Was the sand that you purchased white?? And you got it at the Dollar Store?

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