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Dry Erase / Dot Marker “Prewriting” Fun

on November 9, 2011

After recently watching a video on Deborah’s Teach Preschool website talk about pre-writing, I was inspired to have J & A try some new pre-writing activities. Some that I’ve incorporated are the same as she suggested, others are a little variation.


The first thing I did was print out alphabet templates from Quality Kids Crafts. I then slid the templates into some quality sheet protectors that I purchased from an office supply store.

Our first activity was to use dry erase markers, and cotton balls. My children absolutely love dry erase markers so I knew they would be eager to try this activity. They first wrote with their dry erase marker. I demonstrated that their next step was to go over their writing with their cotton ball. I felt that this was giving them double exposure to the writing exercise. I had all the letters on hand so they simply practiced the ones they wanted to try.

 I also used this activity to practice the alphabet in French.

Another pre-writing exercise that J & A completed was going over the letters with dot markers. The great thing about these templates is that you can easily see the outline of the letter through a regular sheet of paper placed over top.

Both J and A love working with these dot markers. It’s just another tool that I use to let them have “fun” while they are pre-writing.

Another activity to help in nurturing young minds.

One Response to “Dry Erase / Dot Marker “Prewriting” Fun”

  1. Robin Collins says:

    I love these ideas…I hadn’t thought about page protectors…good idea…love the cotton balls too…. plan to try these soon…Thanks

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