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Flipped Our Lids For Nature

on November 16, 2011

We made some nature shadow boxes. Thank you once again (I’m sure you’ll read this often) to Teach Preschool for sharing their nature shadow boxes with the blogosphere. We used a slightly different process but they turned out great and the children loved them.

We first read Lost in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick. This provided the children with a lot of examples of things they might find in nature. Once we were done with the book we heading outside with empty shoeboxes to looks for pieces of nature. It was interesting to see the selection process by both children. We talked about things that were beautiful, and also what is beautiful to us might not be beautiful to others. We talked that it was ok if their items were different. A loves moss so it was cute to see her look around for some moss. J couldn’t pick up enough sticks. He was describing how beautiful the sticks were.

We then brought the items inside to sort for our shadow box. Both children had more than enough but it was a good way of teaching them how to decide and eliminate items or perhaps save them for a different project.

We then put glue in the shoe box lid to create our masterpieces. We filled the lid about 1/3 to 1/2 way up with glue (perhaps you could use less, I wanted to ensure things would stick). I must also caution which I didn’t think about is to reinforce the corners with packing tape. One of the lids started leaking glue because I hadn’t thought about reinforcing them.

The children then started placing their pieces of nature into the glue. It was really cute to watch them place things so precisely in the glue.

We then tried adding color by dripping diluted tempera paint from paint brushes. We didn’t have much luck with this for some reason so I got the children an eye dropper to use. This worked well and they loved trying the eye dropper.

I think these turned out great and it was a great activity to nurture young minds.

I just loved these boxes and think they were a lot of fun. I think I want to try these again in a different season. It would be interesting to see the seasonal difference between the boxes.

For some more great shadow box ideas check out Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone.

6 Responses to “Flipped Our Lids For Nature”

  1. Deborah says:

    Oooh, those are sooo beautiful!! We did reinforce our edges with packing tape – I forgot to mention that little detail:) This is such a great project! One of my all time favorites.

  2. Memere says:

    Nice work A&J with Maman’s. Help.

  3. I love it. So pretty and so simple. Looks like a great Thanksgiving break craft.

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